Congressman Rick Nolan

Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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Nolan Statement on the Failure of the House GOP’s Second Anti-Immigration Bill

Jul 3, 2018
Press Release

“Lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected the immigration bill after Republican leaders failed to convince 113 members of their own party, a single Democrat, and the American people. The simple truth is, the GOP needs to stop trying to fix this bill with a handful of leaders behind closed doors in a back room somewhere. The fact is, my fellow Democrats and many Republicans are ready and willing to work across the aisle on real bipartisan immigration reform that truly puts an end to parent child separation, solves the DACA crisis, and provides a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.”

“Simply put, the bill failed to end the Administration’s cruel and heartless policy that has already separated some 2,300 children from their parents at the border. The GOP measure also failed to fix several key elements necessary to achieve comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform. For example, this legislation would have slashed the Nation’s family-based immigration system intended to keep families together, gutted our country’s asylum laws, created a confusing, convoluted path to citizenship, and terminated the critical Diversity Visa program. Additionally the bill would have wasted $23.4 billion of taxpayer dollars on the President’s ridiculous and unnecessary wall, which he promised Mexico, not U.S. taxpayers, would pay for. The only thing the bill succeeded in doing was to instill fear in our communities."