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Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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Nolan is First Minnesotan to Join Climate Solutions Caucus, Brings Along a Republican Colleague

Jun 30, 2017
Press Release
Nolan recruited his Republican colleague, Congressman David Joyce of Ohio, to join the caucus and explore policy solutions to address climate change

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan today joined the Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus, personally recruiting Republican Congressman David Joyce of Ohio to join the caucus with him. The two representatives also serve together as co-chairs of the Northeast-Midwest Coalition and successfully worked together to oppose and prevent the Trump Administration’s proposed cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).

“I am pleased to have my good friend and colleague David Joyce joining me in our effort to address climate change,” Nolan said. “As our now 46-Member Climate Solutions Caucus continues to grow, our task will be to educate our colleagues on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk. Unless we come together with a plan of action, heat waves, failing crops, terrible storms, and mass migrations of people will continue to cost lives, destabilize governments and call into question the very survival of our species. There can be nothing partisan in our determination to come up with solutions before it’s too late for Planet Earth.”

Nolan also vowed to double down on his efforts to urge President Trump to reverse his ill-considered decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accords. Under President Obama, the United States led 195 nations into the Paris Accords of 2015 because the facts and science of climate change are clear and certain.