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Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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Nolan Introduces Legislation to Fund Positive Psychology “Reconditioning” Programs That Help Veterans Lead Healthier and Happier Lives

Mar 7, 2018
Press Release

[WASHINGTON D.C.] U.S. Rep Rick Nolan today introduced legislation, H.R. 5152, to fund positive psychology “reconditioning” programs that help veterans lead healthier and happier lives. The three-month reconditioning model was developed by 23rd Veteran, a Minnesota nonprofit whose mission is to help Veterans readjust to civilian life and combat PTSD and related conditions. Rep. Nolan’s legislation would direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a grant program for eligible nonprofit organizations to carry out these reconditioning programs for Veterans over the course of three years at a recommended funding level of $15 million.


23rd Veteran’s reconditioning program works by retraining Veterans’ brains to live happier and far more successfully in the civilian world. The program is 14 weeks long and involves group positive psychology techniques such as purposeful mindfulness and gratitude exercises, outdoor wellness, camaraderie activities with civilians, memory re-association, and intense physical activity. The purpose of the physical activity is to naturally produce the brain chemicals inhibiting depression, anxiety, and aiding in memory growth so that Veterans can build lasting trust and memory re-association far quicker and stronger than without the physical activity. To date, every graduate of the 23rd Veteran program has reported living happier, more comfortable lives. Eighty-six percent of the graduates find it easier to get along with others and 93% percent report having more trust in others.


“Positive psychology reconditioning creates immense physical, psychological, and emotional benefits for our Nation’s military Veterans, helping them to better combat PTSD and thrive in civilian life,” said Nolan. “Make no mistake, I will work hard to advance this bill through the House and nationalize this program to help Veterans all across America lead happier and more productive lives.”



“I applaud Congressman Nolan for introducing this innovative legislation to nationalize the 23rd Veteran model. Locally, the 3-month program has changed the future for dozens of veterans and their families, helping bring happiness and comfort to their lives,” said Mike Waldron, 23rd Veteran Executive Director. “Congressman Nolan’s bill will allow other communities to benefit from the revolutionary positive psychology program we developed. I would be grateful to see the House Committee on Veterans Affairs take up the bill, and ask them to act on it as soon as possible.”