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Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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After Successful, Hard-Fought Battle to Get Thousands of Iron Range Miners Back to Work, Nolan Gains Support from Trump Executive Order on Steel Dumping

Apr 20, 2017
Press Release
Expressing some concern, Nolan also requested clarification on what trade-related “concessions” President Trump planned to make with China.

After championing successful efforts to end illegal steel dumping with tariffs and taxes as high as 500%, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan expressed his cautious support for President Trump’s latest executive order to direct the Commerce Department to investigate whether steel imports to the United States should be prohibited on national security grounds.

Nolan had pushed former President Obama to consider a complete ban on foreign steel, and was pleased to hear that the Trump Administration would investigate implementing such an action – provided the restriction is not compromised in a deal with China. President Trump recently stated that he was willing to make trade-related concessions with China in order to gain their support in dealing with North Korea.

We need a commitment from President Trump that he will continue to hold China accountable for their illegal steel dumping practices. Absolutely no concessions can be made when it comes to ensuring the strength of our U.S. iron ore and steel industry,” Nolan said.

“The connection between a strong U.S. iron ore and steel industry and our national security is clear,” Nolan said. “These industries not only directly and indirectly support millions of good paying jobs; they provide the foundation for our military defense and infrastructure. The results of the Administration’s investigation are due in 270 days, but one fact is already irrefutable: We cannot permit foreign steel to weaken or destroy our iron ore and steel industries – period.”

Nolan’s anti steel dumping efforts led to an increase in domestic taconite prices and gave mining companies the confidence to reinvest in the Iron Range and bring thousands of miners back to work.