Congressman Rick Nolan

Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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KBJR: Rep. Nolan talks transportation and infrastructure in Hermantown

Apr 5, 2017
In The News


Congressmen Rick Nolan listened to Northland county and municipal leaders in Hermantown today about funding concerns when it comes to transportation and infrastructure.

Hermantown Mayor, Wyane Boucher, said the town has little money to maintain and fix the roads. 

Others from Carlton and Lake County say funding is scarce to build new and much needed improvements to waste water treatment facilities. 

The conversation stems from President Donald Trump's promise to make $1 trillion dollars in investments to infrastructure across the country. 

Congressmen Nolan says the President's investment promises would greatly help Northland communities. 

"These meetings that we're having here with the cities with, the counties, with the port authorities, with the airports; that helps me to figure out where I can have the best impact on this trillion dollars that the President wants to spend, to make sure it gets spent where it's needed and where it's going to do the greatest good," said Nolan. 

At this point, the president's plan would be to pull the money from the private and public sector.