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Duluth News Tribune: Reader's view: Nolan is working to solve pension problem

Sep 22, 2016
In The News

Last fall, retired Teamsters like me learned our pensions were going to be cut by as much as 70 percent. My fellow Teamsters and I thought these cuts were grossly unfair. As workers, we paid into our pension every paycheck, sacrificing raises in our negotiations so we could be safe and healthy in later life.

When I heard my pension would be cut, I was beyond upset. But from the very start, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan was with us in this fight. He cosponsored the “Keep Our Pensions Promises Act,” which would use Wall Street fees to help balance out the fund. Since we bailed out Wall Street after the recession, it seems only fair we can help the middle-class workers who did nothing wrong.

Nolan appealed directly to the Treasury Department, and it eventually made the decision to deny the cuts.

The fight is not over, however. Although cuts were rejected, we have to find a plan to fix our pensions.

Nolan has led the fight to have the Central States Pension Plan investigated to find a true solution to this problem. That investigation has started. 

We know U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan has our backs.

Robert D. Topliff


The writer is a member of the Committee to Protect Our Pensions.