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Duluth News Tribune: Reader's view: Grateful for Nolan’s help with insurance problem

Dec 14, 2016
In The News

My family is extremely grateful for the expedient assistance rendered by Congressman Rick Nolan, who secured a rapid resolution to ongoing difficulties with MinnesotaCare and MNsure, at long last compelling Minnesota’s Department of Human Services to act decisively to resolve its internal information-technology program deficiencies and correctly process our transition between these two insurance programs. 

Only the act of a congressional inquiry was sufficient to have us assigned a dedicated supervisor (with direct-contact access) who miraculously resolved problems of several months’ duration in just a few days, establishing an advanced premium tax credit, to which we were entitled, just in time to avoid cancellation of our insurance policy for non-payment. This not only saved us substantial premiums and possible tax penalties, it averted a termination that would have rendered us ineligible for exchange participation for six months.

This is not the first time the congressman has aided our family, having also assisted with Social Security disability benefit determination processing. This unwavering, immediate response further serves to underscore Nolan’s commitment to address and meet the needs of “the common man.”

We shall be forever grateful, and we hope Nolan’s re-election will assure such continued support and assistance for all Minnesotans.

Stephen Lee Phillips

Two Harbors