Congressman Rick Nolan

Representing the 8th District of Minnesota
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Duluth News Tribune: Reader’s View: Nolan our effective advocate in DC

Feb 7, 2018
In The News

"Follow the science" seems to anger both mine workers and people who want to play in beautiful northern Minnesota waters. When we had polarized ideas as our country was beginning, our forefathers would compromise. A compromise could be reached if the mining companies would be willing to spend the money to use science to keep our waters safe. That is what U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan is fighting for.

We elect our representatives to be effective. Nolan has been named one of the top-10 most-effective members of Congress from any party.

Nolan is fighting for universal health care, living wages for all workers, an end to the money-controlled political elections, and the preservation of Medicare and Social Security for all of us who have paid into these programs faithfully for decades.

With Nolan in Washington, we in Northeastern Minnesota have an effective advocate who will work hard to preserve the water while still providing living-wage jobs. He also will fight to keep Social Security and Medicare so we will benefit from our payments into these programs from our hard-earned wages.

With Nolan on the job, I feel confident turning on my tap and taking a cool drink of water.

Deb Frazier