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CBS3: UPDATE: Latest on President Donald Trump and U.S. policy in Afghanistan

Aug 22, 2017
In The News

Afghanistan's government is applauding President Donald Trump's speech for focusing on needs and conditions instead of timelines.

Afghan Ambassador to the U.S. Hamdullah Mohib calls it a "10 out of 10." He tells The Associated Press by telephone from Kabul that Afghans heard "exactly what we needed to."

Mohib says critiques of the speech for failing to disclose troop numbers are misguided. He says the focus on numbers detracts from the "real focus" on conditions and support needed for Afghanistan to succeed and achieve peace.

The ambassador is also praising Trump for "breaking the silence" about Pakistan's sheltering of what he calls terrorists. Trump emphasized the need for Pakistan to stop harboring the Taliban.

Mohib says Afghanistan has made progress and is committed to pursuing reforms to show it merits continuing help from the U.S.

Congressman Rick Nolan released the following statement following the President's announcement: 

"The President's decision to send more Americans into this futile and seemingly endless 17 year war in Afghanistan is deeply disappointing and disturbing. If there is one Trump campaign promise the American people agree with, it's putting a stop to these endless wars of choice that are costing us so much precious American blood and treasury - and reinvesting those resources in America and our people. The simple fact is that this conflict in Afghanistan has become America's longest war. It is bleeding us to death. This is a sad day, and the Chinese and the Russians are laughing at our costly and tragic folly."